The ultimate visibility challenge


With a significant birthday looming, I decided to challenge myself in a number of different ways. (Plus I promised to take every opportunity that came my way for more visibility!) Recently I shared my physically challenging experiences of completing a Triathlon Sprint and climbing Snowdon (not at the same time!). So when an opportunity presented itself with Ghazala Jabeen, The No 1 Marketing Machine; who is a client. I jumped at the chance to collaborate.


We sponsored and exhibited an an Expo in Nottingham for 4N on tour and were also invited to speak from the stage in real life!
Here’s how it played out:

🩷 Ghazala wore her in her bright pink satin suit.

💛 I wore my HIGH-VIS cycling jacket. I know…

We wanted to be highly visible and memorable (for the right reasons).

➡️ Together we shared how running a business is like putting on a show.


Snowdon visibility


🎤 You can’t be ‘all singing, all dancing’ on the front stage, if the back stage is not set up correctly. The show won’t work.
This is the same as running a business – if your website or online presence is too complex, it impacts being able to share your all important message and offer.
And this comes from Ghazala’s personal experience…

Ghazala had been struggling to get her message and offer out because tech wasn’t her bag.

She’d overcomplicated things, was confused and was despondent. She’d lost confidence in her website. Yet she had an amazing message and offer that was being hidden.

When Ghazala connected with me and learned that I was able to unpick everything, simplify it, streamline it and stabilise it, we began working together.

There is a lot of trust in working in tech, because it is easy to get it wrong. But given that I have been doing this for 20 years and I have made all the mistakes, I am able to pass this onto my clients to help them finally get their online presence polished and ready for opening night.

breaking the ice


I later found out that part of the reason it was a challenge (despite the weather) was that we were doing the Pyg trail which is more advanced than the Llanberis one (or taking the train 😉).

Naturally, after some decent climbing some of the group decided they had stretched themselves enough and decided to head back.

The rest of us pressed on. Long story short, we made it. It wasn’t pretty and it probably wasn’t clever but we did it.



Ironically as I looked down from the summit where all we could see was cloud and driving rain, my high-vis vest didn’t do much good.

However, I was still visible amongst all the other walkers and I served as a good beacon for our group. So my attire wasn’t completely in vain 🤣.

Snowdon visibility

we can’t do it all alone

After the best soak in the bath ever, a nap and some decent food, it was great to sit and chat about the day, what we had achieved and how that tick off the list was now done (and didn’t need to be done again 🤣).

I’m so thankful for this experience but more so because of the awesome group of people I did it with. Kind, considerate and caring and so much fun to be around.

Snowdon visibility


🦺 My takeaway from the Snowdon triumph is that being visible in your business isn’t going to be a warm sunny day and a stroll up a hill all of the time.

It’s going to be tough at times, with obstructions and self-doubt happening. And of course outside influences that we have no control over.

But also that we can’t do it alone. We need the right support to champion each other, pull together and keep going.

It’s pushing through; ‘feeling the fear and doing it anyway’. And getting comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Snowdon visibility

work with me!

When was the last time you were completely out of your comfort zone, wondering how you got roped into this?

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