Weekly Content, Website + seo FORUM

Join me on Zoom for 30 minutes + Q+A every Wednesday at 12-noon

A weekly discussion on websites, SEO and content to help you take regular website action.

Ideal for consultants, coaches, solopreneurs and service-based businesses.

Spaces are limited so book your seat below!

Topics covered

  1. Local search
  2. SEO tools
  3. Messaging
  4. Keywords
  5. SEO
  6. Website content
  7. Funnels and customer journey
  8. Website visibility
  9. AI and SEO
  10. Content strategy
  11. Website platforms
  12. Blogging for business


Masterclass replays

How visible is your website really - Engaging Content

Website visibility: crawling, indexing + ranking on search

Chat GPT Content Planning - Engaging Content

Human + robot collaboration: Google E-E-A-T and Chat GPT

Unleash your website's potential - which website platform

Which website platform: take back control