Weekly Website Huddle

Take part in a weekly online Q&A event

You may have seen that I run a FREE Facebook group called “Create Engaging Website Content” with a growing community.

What you may not have realised is that I also run a complimentary online Q&A event every Wednesday!

I call this the Weekly Website Huddle. Each week I will share some pre-recorded website thought leadership and answer your questions. Then once a month there is a live 45 minute meeting where all are invited.

It is totally free to join if you are a service-based business looking to improve its website. But spaces are limited on the monthly live session. So use the link below to book your seat!



Use the link below to book your seat.

Weekly online Q&A

I cover topics such as:

  1. Auditing a website.
  2. The 6 steps to consistent website leads.
  3. Crawlability, indexing and ranking for Google success.
  4. Search engine results page – getting to the No. 1 spot.
  5. The 3 core SEO tools (SEO all-in-one platform).
  6. You can’t grow what you don’t measure – metrics + KPIs.
  7. Having a keyword plan + keyword research.
  8. Finding + comparing to your competitors.
  9. Attracting the right website traffic + ideal customer.
  10. Convert more leads – taking the next step.
  11. Content plan + reuse – simpler content creation.
  12. Your signature offer + the power of one!
  13. Creating consistent, fresh content.