A mean, lean, lead-generating machine

Are you looking to attract more enquiries from your website?

For most service-based businesses, leveraging their website as a tool to magnetically attract their ideal client is essential marketing. 

And yet I see many businesses chasing enquiries from social media and networking and not utilising the website they have invested in.

If this sounds like you, wouldn’t you prefer to fix it so that your website does the heavy lifting for you?

If your website is currently underperforming, you’re missing out on a wealth of potential quality enquiries from organic, paid and other traffic sources.

Let me take you from an UNDERPERFORMING WEBSITE to one that delivers QUALITY ENQUIRIES.

Discover my unique methodology and the journey I take you on to transform your online presence.

Sweet spot to a website that generates enquiries

more website conversions

You say…

  • I was “told” I needed a website and spent time, energy and money on one.
  • I feel misled + unsure of the next steps because my website doesn’t generate enquiries.
  • I don’t have control of my website and my web person has gone rogue.

These are just some of the problems I hear small businesses encounter when they set up a website.

Sweet spot to a website that generates enquiries

I say…

  • A website is one part of the puzzle because your website is a tool and the content is the fuel.
  • Your expectations were not managed from the start because a web designer isn’t necessarily a marketing specialist.
  • A website is a business asset that you own and it’s within your rights to be able to take back control of this.

These are some of the things I find myself saying to businesses who are confused.


Come with me and let me explain a bit more…

The website puzzle


For a website to become a lean, mean, lead-generating machine three core areas must work in harmony ⤵

tech content + search


This is the stage where I meet most of my new clients: the tech is ‘set up’ with a website, domain, hosting and perhaps a funnel. However, there are issues with accessing and controlling your website to make changes. These tech issues hold you back.


Your website features content that may not resonate with your ideal client. The issue could be that the content isn’t relatable to them with the right messaging, or perhaps it simply fails to flow and engage. Your website must ‘convert’ a visitor from a prospect to a lead. This is called conversion rate optimisation and getting this fixed is key.


For your website to be ‘visible’ it needs to be marked up correctly and aligned with the right keywords that will attract your ideal clients. This will help to attract organic traffic (SEO) and is a place to point paid traffic or social channels to convert them from prospects to leads. Your website has one job, to guide visitors to the next step in their journey with you. Achieving a mini conversion, such as signing up to your email list, is the first success on the path to turning prospects into enquiries.

If like many website owners, you have dabbled with these three core areas, but there is still a disconnect then read on…

If you have invested money it is likely you have gained some traction with your website. But not understanding the disconnect and why your website isn’t performing is likely frustrating you. Let me help you to identify the gaps.


Wherever your traffic comes from, ultimately it NEEDS A DESTINATION

Traffic is one aspect, and conversion is another. Your website needs to be set up correctly to attract the right traffic and convert it into quality enquiries…

Destination website
Destination website

A holistic approach, working in harmony

Destination website

MY UNIQUE 6-step method

To go from an underperforming website to one that is bringing consistent website leads is possible…


  • We start by stabilising and aligning your website.
  • This initial step ensures you regain control over all elements of your website.
  • From hosting locations to associated costs and sets the stage for maximum efficiency.


  • Our next focus is to optimise your home page on your website for revenue generation. This intial monetisation strategy is designed for quick results.
  • We will benchmark where you are at, during the start of working together.
  • Over time we will be able to measure maximise on your returns.


  • Now we step back and with fresh eyes take a 360-degree view of your online presence.
  • We look at what’s working, discover any gaps and uncover opportunities for growth.
  • With more insights into your competitors, key search terms and messaging we will create a content strategy.
The 6 step method to monetise your website

Figure of 8

This figure of 8 image illustrates that these steps are not one-and-done. Over time these steps will be revisited and tightened up for better results.


  • With any sorting out comes a period of organisation to bring everything together.
  • We will look at your metrics, keywords, and content to ensure it aligns with the new strategy
  • We will make any quick win adjustments.


  • Optimisation is crucial in ensuring your website operates smoothly and efficiently, like a well-oiled machine.
  • This is an ongoing exercise to adapt to the ever-changing search engine algorithms.


  • The key to your website’s success lies in uncovering what truly works for your unique business.
  • We need to monitor, track and test through trial and error.
  • Remember, a website is dynamic and ever-evolving, just like your business.

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