Can’t believe I did this, this summer…


Usually, I advocate creating blogs around keywords that are being searched for so that your content ranks on Google, and you get more traffic to your website. However, sometimes you just want to share things closer to home and give those search engines a rest. This summer I did something I’ve not done before…

I pretty much took august off 😲

Life is often jam-packed and non-stop. It was  great to take some time, cherish what’s important, have fun and not be so rigid about timings.

I did do some work during August, but in all honesty, not a lot. And it was great. A proper chance to recharge and spend quality time with my girl.

august off

breaking the ice

We had a blast at my cousin’s annual end of Cowes week party: live music, fireworks and playing darts (with the opposite hand). The kids went around asking people their names and writing them on sticky labels. Not only did this break the ice but the labels helped us adults spark up conversations more easily. So much nicer using someone’s name.

➡️ I’m going to do name labels for my live event later this year.

breaking the ice

We celebrated big

Not only did my niece, Alexandra turn 30 but she also got engaged 💍. We made the most of it; swimming in the lake, dodging the rain, eating great food, lots of socialising and dancing at her party. It was bittersweet that my sister Rachel wasn’t there to see her beautiful girl take these big life steps. We miss her dearly.

➡️ It’s a good reminder to appreciate ‘the now’ in both life (and business).


kid soup

My nephew and three nieces stayed for a couple of nights. Five kids was eye-opening. Especially hosting them on my own. But kids like the simple things in life such as playing Uno on the trampoline, playing basketball in the park, snuggling to watch a film and making a parody of Titanic (it was great to see them being creative and having fun with it). It was a noisy few days but treasured memories were made.

➡️ Keeping things simple is what I aspire to in business (and life). 

kid soup

we got our dog fix

If you know me you know I absolutely love dogs 🐶. I find it hard not to say hello to every dog I pass. The hole left in our hearts after losing Alfie earlier this year has been hard to fill. But we got our dog fix over the summer. Especially when we visited my family in Dorset.

➡️ Dogs help you to live in the moment, something we could all do more of! 

dog fix

top 40 artist headliner

As a musical family, it’s no wonder that my brother and his wife love to host parties that involve live music. Last summer we celebrated my brother’s 50th with a garden party. This year was ‘Linton Cottage Live’ and Tom Speight headlined. Listen to his single ‘Trick of the Light’ to see if you recognise it.

➡️ Dancing is good for the soul. That is all.

top 40 artist!

Slowing down to speed up

It has been a really wonderful summer. Having head space means I have more mental capacity to show up better in business, be a good mum and generally feel happier.

➡️ We can all learn a lot from Dash and the importance of slowing down and sitting in the sunshine…

slowing down to speed up


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