SEO Tools


A FREE reporting tool installed on your website with a piece of code to connect the two.

  • Helps you to gain an understanding of what users are doing so that you can track and understand their behaviour.
  • Geographically where they come from and which channels.
  • The most common content they are visiting.
  • How long they are spending on your site.
  • Their journey through your site.
  • Where they leave (bounce-off) your site.
  • What conversions they are taking.

All of these give signals to Google as to how engaged your website is. These signals are a part of SEO success.

Once you understand them you can improve them over time. You can also use this to guide you on the changes you make to your site and your overall website goals.

Because GA is a reporting tool it doesn’t tell us anything about how your website is ranking or anything to do with SEO.

Two types of GA. Universal analytics and GA4. Currently we will use both side by side. From July this year Universal analytics will be removed.


A FREE reporting tool connected to your website.

  • Helps you to track and measure your website visibility, traffic and performance in the Google search results.
  • Shows what is and isn’t working with your SEO.
  • Shows which keyword queries bring prospects to your site
  • Shows website impressions.
  • Shows number of clicks for a keyword.
  • Shows the position of a keyword in the search results.
  • Allows you to submit your sitemap to tell Google to crawl + index.
  • Alerts you on any issues impacting traffic so that you can fix them.

GA and GSC can be connected (Google Analytics > Admin > Property Settings > scroll down to Search Console and follow the steps to connect).

Being able to drill down to see which keyword search related to which visitor was sadly removed around 2013.


A FREE online app to help you understand how your website is appearing in local Google search (local three-pack) and Google maps.

(Even if you don’t want local visitors, this is still a valuable tool and FREE Google listing)

  • Allows you to create a business listing to attract, connect and engage with prospects to promote your business.
  • When brand name is searched within Google, your listing will appear in the right hand side knowledge panel of Google.
  • Ideally we want your business to also appear when relevant keywords are searched.
  • Ensure your listing is up-to-date, detailed and accurate.
  • Location is important to help you be visible.
  • Complete all the details provided to help you appear quickly.
  • Always respond to reviews – especially bad ones!
  • Ensure you post, add photos and engage with GBP frequently as this will help your local rankings.

All-in-one SEO platform

A better solution?

These tools are techy, not user-friendly or aesthetically pleasing. But there is another way. EC SEO platform combines these three tools making SEO so much faster and simpler.

It also has some other cool features such as:

  • Keyword research tool
  • Backlink outreach tool
  • Competitor analysis
  • And even an AI feature to help speed up content planning and creation (to be used with caution like all AI)

If you would like a demo of this tool, please email DEMO and I will send you a link to book in.

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