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Business owners; if you want your website to bring in the right customers that turn into sales, then you need to get on board with SEO Cheltenham.

As a Freelance SEO specialist, I make this process easy. First I find the leaks in your website to put your SEO jigsaw together, simply. Then it’s time to make your online presence more visible with some quick fixes. Then we work out the long term plan.

The main goal is not to step on the toes of your web developer. We are the best SEO agency to support and work with them, and you, to deliver concrete SEO services that give a better user experience, more online visibility, more website traffic and more enquiries from your website.

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Step #1 How visible is Your website?



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Search marketing services

Cheltenham SEO Company – top spot on google for quality enquiries + sales

SEO (search engine optimization) is dynamic and keeping on top of the latest trends, the changes in Google algorithms and new ways to achieve tangible search results will take your website to the next level!

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SEO Audit

This is the pre-cursor to your SEO strategy. Basically finding the holes in your site that are causing it to be less visible. Ensuring your site landing pages work on mobile devices is key to your business success.

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bespoke SEO Strategy

To get fast results at SEO and achieve rankings that are high on Google means having a plan. You simply can’t wing it. There is research and data and all sorts that needs accounting for in order to get website enquiries. Plus identifying the primary keyword for each page.

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Technical SEO

‘Isn’t all SEO technical?’ I hear you cry. Well yes and no. This relates to any technical issues going on under the hood of your site and these need fixing otherwise they will impact your rankings.

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Keyword Research

Your keywords are the bridge between you and your ideal customer. Looking for the latest trends to find the right key phrases to align with compelling website content is key.

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Content marketing strategy

‘Your website is the tool, your content is the fuel’. Content creation that engages and delivers your message is key. The right web copy will give long term success.

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On-page SEO

The web design and how your pages are “marked-up” ensures search engines can understand your content. Think meta tags and other jargon related terms. In essence the devil is in the detail.

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Local seo

Cheltenham businesses need local search engine optimisation to get local customers. Providing your NAP (name, address and phone number) across directories and other citations is key to achieving tangible results.

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SEO campaigns

Like all marketing it is trial and error. Things need testing. SEO campaigns are a great way to keep things fresh but also test. Using this alongside social media marketing and click advertising means more potential customers.

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off-page SEO

As SEO specialists, link building and off site tactics to build brand awareness are key to attracting new clients.

Where to put your marketing efforts to get the best ROI?

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SEO Consultancy Services Cheltenham

The goal is to get to the top of search engine results. That is where your business website is most visible and likely to attract loyal customers. SEO is the long game and we provide monthly seo package to help you.

According to BrightEdge, organic search brought a whopping 53% of traffic to a website as opposed to less than 5% from social media marketing.

Organic traffic even out-performs paid traffic at just 19%. So if you needed anymore proof about getting on board with SEO these stats significantly prove that SEO strategies are far more reliable and one of the easiest ways of getting fast results and more new business from your website’s SEO.

This makes sense for a small business in all business sectors.







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  • You solve a problem for your ideal customers, that they can’t solve alone. They need you but can’t find you!
  • You have dabbled with search phrases but don’t really know what you are doing.
  • You know you have a cracking business but also wish the phone was ringing more.
  • You are attracting the wrong type of customers that waste your time yet you can’t say no to them.
  • You find tech overwhelming and frankly boring. You just want to get on with running your business.
  • You’ve worked with SEO agencies before and got frustrated after 3 months. You are no further forward.
  • You have great case studies and proof of your work success but Google ranking is still evading you.

If any of these spark a reaction then simply click below to start the process…

SEO cheltenham, ENABLING YOU

Content is at the heart of any website and I have 20 years of experience at supporting a small business, like yours, to maximise its visibility and benefit from the results of good SEO.

Most web designers create a website for the human only. I use best practices to align your website with both the human and the search engines so that the two work in harmony with each other.

An engaging website with a good user journey and experience that works on all devices is key to survive and thrive in today’s online landscape.

At Cheltenham SEO, I enable you to achieve just that. My proven track record


Get more traffic + enquiries and turn your website into a conversion machine with SEO Cheltenham digital experts.