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One thing you need to know about me. I love live music. Most years I go to multiple gigs (usually with my brother) and a few festivals during the summer months. The Big Feastival is one of my favourite festivals; it is local to where I live and the line-up is usually good. But the acts that stick in your mind for years to come are the best ones.


One Friday night headliner was Sigrid. I didn’t know much about Sigrid or her music so I wasn’t sure what to expect.

My friend and I were pretty surprised when Sigrid came out on the main stage wearing a rugby shirt with jeans and trainers. Her hair was tied back in a ponytail with no make-up on; not what you would expect from a headliner.

august off


However, Sigrid’s show was awesome. So energetic; she didn’t stop. She gave it her all, and you could see she was really engaged and having fun too.

What a breath of fresh air.

To be that real and authentic, owning the stage and not giving two hoots about your appearance, Sigrid was an inspiration in the importance of keeping it simple, focussing on your craft and giving it your all.

breaking the ice


I’ve checked Sigrid out since then.

It turns out she does like getting dressed up and wearing makeup; but there’s a time and a place for it.

When she’s on stage Sigrid simply wants to focus on her singing, give it her all and entertain her fans.

Talk about keeping it simple but having a HUGE impact.

Check out Sigrid’s incredible energy here.



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kid soup

4 new enquiries sitting in my inbox

Just like when I came back from the festival to 4 lovely enquiries sitting in my inbox. ➡️ All from organic search.

That’s why I have created Simply Visible.

Simple Visible is a helpful community for coaches, consultants and solopreneurs who have a website and want to get better results from it.

I set this group up to help you generate enquiries and clients via your website and SEO strategy.

Each week I will share practical advice that you can easily apply to your website to help you on this journey.

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Because of my background in web design, and later keyword rich content and SEO tactics, I am able to provide a holistic approach in supporting you.

So if you are ready to go from low visibility to high visibility allowing you to rank on Google, then come and join this community today. It’s FREE!

Oh and be more like Sigrid who shows up, focusses on her craft and wows the audience, whilst keeping it simple, comfortable and real! ⤵️

Simply Visible

work with me!

September is here and it’s time to ramp things up, feeling fully refreshed and raring to go. Are you ready to get back to things now it is September?

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Natalie Alsop is a Content Marketing Strategist and founder of Engaging Content. She teaches, enables and consults small businesses on how to harness search strategies into their daily marketing. A self-confessed lazy marketer, Natalie aims to educate how your website, when set up correctly, can bring the right traffic to your website and convert this into quality clients.

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