Take part in a weekly online Q&A event

You may have seen that I run a FREE Facebook group called “Create Engaging Website Content” with a growing community.

What you may not have realised is that I also release fresh content every Wednesday on how to get More Website Leads.

Each week I will share some pre-recorded website thought leadership and answer your questions on getting more website leads. Then once a month there is a live 45 minute meeting where all are invited.

It is totally free to join if you are a service-based business looking to improve its website. But spaces are limited on the monthly live session. So use the link below to book your seat!

Weekly online Q&A


More website leads

Use the link below to book your seat.

I cover topics such as:

  1. Auditing a website.
  2. The 6 steps to consistent website leads.
  3. Crawlability, indexing and ranking for Google success.
  4. Search engine results page – getting to the No. 1 spot.
  5. The 3 core SEO tools (SEO all-in-one platform).
  6. You can’t grow what you don’t measure – metrics + KPIs.
  7. Having a keyword plan + keyword research.
  8. Finding + comparing to your competitors.
  9. Attracting the right website traffic + ideal customer.
  10. Convert more leads – taking the next step.
  11. Content plan + reuse – simpler content creation.
  12. Your signature offer + the power of one!
  13. Creating consistent, fresh content.