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Our web services blend beautiful design with conversion strategies to make your website work harder

conversion-focused web design

what is it?

Conversion-focused web design involves turning every aspect of your site into a conversion tool. This is done by carrying out proper research, and using ongoing conversion testing to make your website work harder. As a result, every design feature and all content on an Engaging Content website is designed to convert.

why do i need it?

Any web designer could design a website that looks good. But with Engaging Content, you get more than that. We build conversion-focused websites. This means that every single component of your website is designed with the needs, goals, problems and buying behaviours of your ideal customer persona in mind. This makes sure that your target audience is engaged, delighted and drawn in by your website, increasing the chance they will purchase from you.

website foundations

strong foundations

To build strong foundations we take the time to understand your business, your offering and your customers. We’ll discuss the purpose of the website, and then work together to create your brand messaging and customer personas. This phase also involves competitor and industry research as well as SEO keyword research.

solid research

Websites with a strong brand message, based on detailed persona and industry research are always more effective. If you’re spending money on a website, you want to be sure you’re getting a finished result that does more than just look great. And that’s why solid research is so important. We’ll base every aspect of your website on solid research to make sure that it not only accurately represents you, but that it drives business from your ideal customers.

visual web design

functional and intuitive

We offer experienced web design with a keen eye for detail. We’ll design your website with your users in mind, making sure everything is functional, intuitive, but also beautiful. We’ll also use industry insights as well as your brand personality and identity to find a colour palette and design that works for you, your business and your customers.

your brand personality

As they say in the culinary world, ‘the first bite is with the eyes.’ And the same goes for websites! Customers are more likely to trust you and buy from you if your site is well-designed, intuitive and easy to use. But your website also needs to carry across your personality and look professional! We’ve been designing sleek and functional websites for over ten years. And we always work with our clients to make sure they’re 100% happy with the finished result.

wordpress website creation

All of our websites are built in WordPress. We use WordPress website creation because, while open source, WordPress websites are secure and functional. And the options for add-ons and plugins really are unparalleled.

WordPress website creation allows us to build, optimise and analyse all sites we create. This means that we are able to deliver excellent, timely and affordable services to all of our clients. But WordPress website creation doesn’t mean that you will receive a generic template-based website. We also use custom coding and design to keep your website original and make sure it’s tailored to you.

website build

one-stop wordpress website creation and development


more than just a site

At engaging-content, our website development includes design, build, optimisation, support and ongoing promotion. We don’t just design your website. We’ll also build this design, and support you during the website development process. We also offer ongoing support and promotion once your site is complete.


Having your website built by the same person who worked on its design helps the website to be more cohesive. And Engaging Content website development also takes into account all of the behind-the-scenes work that makes a website successful. Such as hosting, infrastructure, security and support.

website infrastructure

behind the scenes

We’ll set up the infrastructure of your site during the web development process. This involves the website hosting, setting up WordPress, required plugins and tasks to ensure the security of your website. We can also setup Gsuite email for you to work from your domain name.


one provider, one point of contact

There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes to make a new site web-ready. And business owners often have to go to different providers for design, build, hosting, and support. But at Engaging Content, we take care of everything for you. This keeps every aspect of your website with one provider. And this makes site delivery and support quicker, simpler, and more affordable.

 website optimisation and authenticity

We’ll research, create and optimise all of your website content. This includes any website copy, images, videos and blogs or articles. All of this content will be based on keyword and topic research, and will be SEO-ready. This process also involves page speed, security, and setting up analytics.

It’s important to make your content readable for website visitors, but also search engines. – Remember, you can’t just put any content onto a site and expect it to rank well in search engines. It needs to be SEO-ready to rank for more than just your brand name.

Optimising content around the best keywords and topics will improve user experience, as well as ensuring your site pages rank well. This increases your site authority in the eyes of search engines, helping you to be found for more searches, by more people.

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