☀️June Newsletter

Hello June. You seemed to have come around rather quickly…
Roll on summer and some more sunshine, please. 😎

As this is a new week and month (and I was away last week because it was half-term), I wanted to share some highlights and updates from the past few months and some insights to keep you motivated for the month ahead.

Project highlights

Here are some projects we’ve been working on and successes we have had:

1:1 Website Intensive with Tak and Andy from Supp2U

An in-person session with husband and wife team Tak and Andy who run an online supplements shop. It was a highly productive and practical session which saved loads of time and energy all around…

  • Overhauled their content and simplified their website’s structure.
  • Guided them on getting verified in Google Business Profile and the exact steps to take.
  • Taught them some practical SEO processes and actions to take when adding new products to the site.
  • Next steps: keyword research and blogging to share the benefits of their products in long-form content.

Sometimes an intensive session is just what you need. It’s a brilliant way to get a whole load of actions done and dusted and quickly.

1-Month Strategy + Consulting with Pete from Pace Tutoring

A strategic month to embed some core foundations that were missing.

  • Tightened up the messaging and created engaging content ideas.
  • Looked at his local competitors and identified the best keywords to target.
  • Sorted out the website structure and mapped out the content for a key service page.
  • Provided a clear content strategy to work on and a plan of website actions for his web designer to take.
  • Next steps: update the website and create some further content and blogs.

Foundations are a critical, and in my experience, an often missed step for many businesses. A VIP month is a great way to get them sorted.

WordPress / Divi Website Updates for Karina from Be Brilliant Hypnotherapy

While I empower my clients to maintain and edit their websites for themselves, sometimes it can get too much, and they need some practical help and I’m here to support them.

  • Designed + set up a local landing page template.
  • Refreshed the home page design and tweaked it to work on mobile.
  • Simplified the website styles to make the pages more consistent.
  • Sorted some issues with the tech set up on the lead magnet.
  • Next steps: continue blogging and tracking her website visits and conversions.

Karina, one of my monthly programme members, did a lot of heavy lifting on her website but knew that design wasn’t her forte (why would it be, she is a brilliant hypnotherapist) and needed some practical help. Her web designer had gone awol and so we were able to step in.

Having practical WordPress support can be a godsend when there are not enough hours in the day.

Easi Ear website rescue for Ian Croft

Ian was in a pickle with his tech, no fault of his own, and needed some help in getting it stabilised as a starter for ten. Not being able to access his website was holding Ian and his business back. With phase one rescue mission complete, we are now able to look ahead and support Ian with his content and visibility.

  • Migrated the website to our managed hosting service.
  • Granted administrator access (something Ian didn’t get from his previous provider).
  • Currently rebuilding the website into a more modern page builder within WordPress.
  • Next steps: strategy session to sort out his messaging and tighten up his website’s visibility.

We rescue a lot of websites for clients who struggle with the tech of their current setup. And those looking to connect and work with real people.

More next month:

Finalising a rebrand for Jess May of Brighton Funerals.

Dawn’s blogging successes for New Dawn Health website.

And so much more…

June, what’s on ⤵

#WebsiteWednesday returns and the topic is “Tracking + Measuring Your Website Traffic”

There is no doubt about it, having a visible online profile that attracts organic traffic is beneficial for business. And just because you don’t see the end conversion immediately, doesn’t mean you haven’t made progress and become more visible.

That’s why you need to measure your success and celebrate your wins, however small. That’s the beauty of websites; THE DATA. It is all there for the taking, you just need to know how to read the results! 


Changes are afoot with Google and how AI is affecting search engine results and what this will mean for websites going forward. Search Generative Experience (SGE) is the new buzz word.

It’s still early days in the UK as this update rolls out. But know this, content is still very much at the heart of marketing and ensuring it is engaging, authentic, relatable and relevant.

I want to reassure you that I have got you, I am genning up and I will share more during my free live weekly event in due course.

Power hour is back…

Come and spend an hour with me where I can help move the needle of your business and website one byte at a time (see what I did there lol).

This week I helped Clinton Jordan, a singing Coach, to nail his home page keyword, sort out some annoying Google Analytic data issues and gave him some practical insights and feedback on his home page content, layout and format.

I can pack a lot of support and guidance into one hour. Find out more here…

join the waitlist…

Off the back of the successful Google Business Profile challenge back in March, I had some fantastic feedback. Something I noticed was that some participants wanted to do some of the doing, but also wanted a bit of practical help.

This got me thinking about how I could offer something practical, supportive and affordable. Does this sound like something you would be interested in?

If sorting your Google Business Profile is still on your to do list then join the waitlist and be the first to find out about this special offer as it unravels.

in other news…

  • 🏅 I completed a Triathlon Sprint at Blenheim Palace last Saturday 1st June. Here is a picture of me and my oldest, bestie Sara at the end. 750 metres swim in a lake (didn’t like that one bit). 12 mile bike ride and 3 mile run! The lido swim training paid off.
  • 👑 Here is my lovely Mum, Hazel, at Cheltenham Town Hall a few weeks ago. She had a special invite to attend because Cheltenham’s new mayor is none other than her old boss!
  • 🐈‍⬛ Eleanor was grappling with Ted the Cat who was taking an interest in her TV fish supper (he even tried to get his head into the container at one point). 
  • 🐶 We had a lovely half-term break in Dorset with family. We went to a local music festival. I got to talk to ALL of the dogs (and some people). The little fella Carter was a sweetie and I had to include him chilling in his hoodie.

Have a great month. If any of this newsletter has inspired you to take some website action, then do reach out. We are here to help.