Evergreen blogs to ease content creation

So I am not going to take any prisoners here; but I feel that I need to share this with you.

The effort required

Web experts go on about needing fresh new content added to your website regularly and blogs are a great way to do that. It is true, Google does love new content. However, the reality of creating meaty blog posts on a weekly basis just don’t stack up compared to the effort required.

I am all for a simple business model and consistency. It is so easy to get overwhelmed with too much to do that you end up doing nothing. I know this personally and so I had to find a way to make things easier.

Evergreen content to the rescue

Evergreen content is a term used for content that can sit happily on your website for many years to come and it still be relevant. Yes, it may need a tweak here and there as the times move but ultimately if it is thought through, then coming up with top-level, key topics that are relevant to your business, these are unlikely to change massively.

Less is always more. So better to have fewer articles that are relevant, and interesting and that resonate with your audience and create a connection, than having tons and tons of articles here, there and everywhere which become messy and under used.

Content pillars gives stability

In my article How to Identify Your Content Pillars and Why You Need Them, I talk about taking some time to work out your content pillars. This is the first crucial step because it helps to order your content properly.

Then you can think through and break down the core areas that each pillar should include. Go really top level here, if someone was new to your business what topics would it be useful for them to read? Then plan each article and create a really immersive experience where you go into a lot of detail. The benefit here is that you can repurpose this content for your social media and any other promotional work you need to do.

don’t reinvent the wheel

By simplifying your content creation, you will find you show up consistently because you are not having to reinvent the wheel each time. This becomes onerous and dull. However you may find a new “angle” to an existing blog and find you can add to it. This also consititutes new content which Google loves. But don’t forget by driving traffic to your blog articles, that is showing traffic and activity which is also a big part of the Google Algorithm.

So to summarise you are keeping Google happy, you are creating engaging content for your audience and you are keeping yourself sane so that you can go and do something much more productive for your business.

If you would like some help in planning out your content pillars and ordering your content, we would love to help.

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