SEO BLOG Copywriting Packages & Content Writing Service

Looking for copywriting services for your business? We have a range of top copywriting packages to ease your content creation.

Our copywriting packages are designed for time-poor businesses struggling to create fresh content for themselves.

We take this off your hands and create relevant, relatable content to attract more of the right prospects and turn them into paying customers!

Copywriting packages done for you

Does this sound familiar?


You were consistently on the top of Google search engine results for your chosen keyword(s) and then your rankings dropped, and you don’t know why.


You know that your website copy needs work and that you should be blogging, but you struggle to find the time to do so.


You’ve worked with copywriters before, but you didn’t get the results you had hoped for.


You want more website traffic and enquiries from your ideal customer, but your experience of SEO agencies hasn’t been the best.


You have a professional website but want more leads and sales to receive a return on your investment.


You spend a lot of money in online advertising but you want a more cost-effective way to attract leads and sales so that you can scale the ad spend back.

What if it could be like this…?

Your website ranking on the first page of Google and in local search (if applicable).

New website traffic from your blog delivering consistent traffic, leads and sales.

All of this done for you by a team who are expert at SEO copywriting and blog management.

Getting more time back to work on your business whilst new leads are still coming in.

Being able to scale back on ad spend yet still seeing consistent growth.

Expert content you are proud of which highlights your industry knowledge.

Happy customer

Natalie is great to work with and I always feel much more motivated after talking to her!

Chris Williams – Tiggo Care

How it works



An audit of your current content to be able to benchmark how your website is performing and highlight the gaps for improvement.


Keyword / competitor research

Looking at keywords you are already ranking for and opportunities for new keywords to rank for. This wouldn’t work if we didn’t know how your direct competitors are doing too. Your website needs to be found and so our service includes keyword research, researching one local competitor plus optimising the content to appeal to the search engines. Includes 3 keywords.



A strategy for the content to be created going forward so that your website content beds in and 


CMS control to add and edit your content and pages

There is no point in having a website if you can’t make changes to it. We will provide full administrator CMS access AND some training videos to get you up to speed quickly on updating your website.


Support from a professional team

We are not just “one and done” company who gets things set up and exits stage left leaving you to get on with it. We want to work WITH YOU as your business grows, so let us get your one page website set up properly from the start, with plenty of scope over time for adding more features like landing pages and a blog.

Creating blog content is time consuming!

As a busy small business you know your time and efforts are better spent elsewhere. But you also know that blog creation is important for both your audience and the Google search results.

Imagine how it would feel to have expert help from a trusted partner who will:

  • take blog creation off your hands and get it done for you
  • guide you on choosing the best topics for your ideal customer
  • plan your blogs inline with your marketing campaigns
  • ensure you feel in control so that you can promote your blog confidently

SEO Blog Copywriting

Helping hand service

A monthly arrangement where myself and my team will take on the writing of your blogs for you.

You are the expert of your business and that will never change, but together we will ask the right questions to draw out what your ideal customer wants to hear and together we will map out and plan blogs that will engage and delight.

We start with an initial fact finding session to understand your ideal customer. This will form the blueprint for creating your ongoing blog content.

We understand SEO and so whilst planning ahead is important, we are also flexible enough to be create content that is timely and topical.

The regular expert articles will help you to connect on a deeper level with your ideal customer, helping them to trust you and leading them closer to becoming a loyal customer.

"This has saved me so much time allowing me to get on and do what I love best...

“Natalie has been incredibly helpful in helping me to streamline my working processes around my podcast and blog writing. I found it so time consuming to record the podcast, top and tail it, produce the graphics and content and then transform in to a blog so I asked Natalie for some help. We sat down together at the beginning to set up the process outlining each persons roles and responsibilities and we were off.

I now record my podcast and then upload to a google doc where Natalies team transcribe it, edit the transcription and create graphics and video clips along with post descriptions. The posts are then scheduled and go out three times a week to Facebook and Instagram, and if required the podcast is edited into a blog and uploaded to my website.

This has saved me so much time really allowing me to get on and do what I love best. I am thrilled with this set up and would highly recommend anyone recording podcasts to use this service, it’s a game changer.”

Karen Sutton, the Widow Coach