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what is competitor research?

We carry out thorough research into your top competitors in the industry. Pick the competitors that appear ahead of you in search engine rankings, and we’ll work out why they’ve outranked you.

why do i need this?

With competitor research, you can work out why you’ve been outranked, work out which types of competitor content work the best, and find out about their digital strategies. You can then use this information to leverage your brand and work out how to get ahead of your competitors.

what does competitor research include?

Use Engaging Content Competitor Research to find out about your competitors’:

  • SEO strategies
  • Targeted keywords
  • Keyword gaps 
  • Content strategy 
  • Paid advertising strategy, including paid keywords
  • Social media strategy
  • Site conversion pathways and user experience
  • Website technology 
  • Search engine rankings
  • Marketing weaknesses

blended research

what is this?

When you continue to work with us after competitor research, we blend our findings with our other research areas: SEO keyword research and customer research. We then develop a marketing strategy for you based on these three research areas.

why do i need this?

By combining SEO, competitor and customer research, you can be certain that any marketing content you produce is going to rank well, be relevant to your target audience, and remain competitive in your industry. This means you can engage and delight your customers, while also getting ahead of the competition!

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