How to use ChatGPT Content Marketing for content planning


Unless you have been in outer space or hiding under a rock since the start of the year then you will know that Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools, not least Chat GPT, are a hot topic right now.

When it comes to your website, creating relatable, compelling content is critical to website visibility and customer engagement. There are lots of things to factor in when it comes to creating your content, let alone planning it.

After all your website is a tool, but the content is the fuel that powers it.

In this blog, I share:

  • What Chat GPT is.
  • How to use it and some examples to try.
  • Helpful browser extensions to assist with prompts to input into Chat GPT.
  • Things to check in relation to content creation.
chat gpt content planning


#1 Learning Language AI

  • Chat GPT is the most advanced learning language model AI. It has been trained on a large body of text from a variety of verified sources (ie: Wikipedia, books, news articles, and scientific journals).
  • The important point is that it’s not linked to search engine content which is mostly unverified.
  • It uses deep learning to learn over time how best to respond to different kinds of conversations and questions.
  • Chat GPT is constantly being updated with new information and trained on new data, so it’s always learning and improving.
  • The current version 3.5 is free to use, you need to create a free account to be able to use Chat GPT version 3.5.
  • Version 4 was released on 14 March 2023 and is available to paid subscribers.

#2 A chatbot

Chat GPT is also a chatbot. Chatbots are very common on websites now where you would ask a question and the AI robot would search the company knowledgebase and bring back the answer or a link to the most relevant article.

Chat GPT brings back much more sophisticated and accurate answers and has the ability to generate conversational context from scratch. If you ask it the same question it will answer it differently each time.

#3 Generative AI

It is also known as generative AI which is the ability to interact with users naturally while providing intelligent and relevant answers quickly and accurately. You might find yourself thanking Chat GPT for its help (I know I do!).

chat gpt content planning


Simply ask Chat GPT a question and press return. Chat GPT will quickly (and I mean quickly) generate a response based on its understanding of the language used. As a learning model it may not be the exact response you wanted so try asking it another way.

Chat GPT is a tool it is how you use it that is key. So how you frame the question is key to the output.

AI Chat GPT powered assistants

There are a number of free browser extensions to enhance your use of Chat GPT.

Voila and AIPRM are Google Chrome browser extensions (also free) which will enhance your use of Chat GPT. Simply install the extensions, create a free account, login and start using the prompts for yourself.

content planning chat gpt voila AIPRM

Ideas to try for content creation

  • Jingle to introduce a podcast
  • Polls for social media,
  • Topic clusters around a blog topic
  • De-dupe ideas
  • Suggest similar articles on similar topics with titles
  • Answer emails
  • Answering social comments
  • Re-write into an engaging title

Chat GPT and content creation…

It is important to use Chat GPT as the helpful tool it is. But like any tool, it is what you do with it that is important.

When it comes to content creation as the expert in your business you have expert knowledge and applied experience in your field.

Using Chat GPT to speed up and ease your content creation is smart marketing. However make sure you:

#1 Fact check

Do your due diligence and read everything and if you need to include citations, do.

#2 Make unique

Personalise the content using your brand tone of voice, experiences, case studies and storytelling. I recently wrote a blog on this and Google E-A-T ⤵

Google E-A-T and storytelling

Content planning masterclass

I recently ran a free Masterclass where I talked about human and robot collaboration and more specifically Chat GPT content planning. You can watch the replay here.

Chat GPT Content Planning - Engaging Content

chat gpt is a tool

Content creation is more important than ever to stand out online. And when it comes to SEO you need to be creating it regularly. Having a tool (or mate) like Chat GPT is game changing for content creators. Use it wisely. Just like your website – that is the tool and your content is the fuel that powers it. Now with Chat GPT you can supercharge that fuel even more! 

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