Lay your brand foundations so that you can create a stand out message that your perfect customer will hear
With my course


Have you ever spent money on a logo and website, only to find you struggle when it comes to promoting it?
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Do you…
Struggle to confidently talk about your business or succinctly explain it.
Know who you want to work with but don’t want to miss any opportunities so you keep things quite general.
Write the content yourself and find it a really difficult process and the text feels “patchy”.
Feel ongoing content creation is heavy and so you keep putting it to one side.
Know something is not working in your marketing and you feel overwhelmed and stuck with what to do next.
Feel unclear on how to position your business to stand out from your competitors, attract the right audience and turn them into customers.
Trust “experts” to get you the results you desire, but find out they didn’t get you or understand your goals?
Want to pivot your business in a new direction but don’t know where to start?
Let me share a secret with you…
No matter how much you spend on branding, logos or a fancy new website, if you haven’t worked out your brand foundations, you will fail to create content that attracts the right audience.

But the good news is…
It doesn’t matter what stage you are at with your business. New or existing, established or transitioning. You can nail your message and make content creation enjoyable in 3 clearly defined steps.

It doesn’t happen by chance…
Your message and content don’t come about by chance. They need to be formulated!

You know things need to change because you don’t want to…
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go to the effort of promoting your business only to be heard by crickets
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second guess if you are being heard and understood despite your best efforts
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throw content together at the last minute in a panic.

Imagine how it would feel to…
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Find your perfect customers who are a joy to work with.

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Have clarity on the direction you want your business to go in.

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Have confidence when talking about your business.

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Create content with ease knowing your message is right.

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Feel a HUGE shift because everything feels more aligned.

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Speed up your success by providing professionals with a clear brief.

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Feel heard and supported with a group of people who relate to where you are.

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Make this your aligned year with a robust blueprint for the future.

You are in the right place if…
You are looking to setup a new business and think you need to get your logo and website sorted first.
You are an existing business looking to change direction but you need some guidance on the best next steps.
You are an established business who wants to scale but you know your messaging and content need work.
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You have the answers; you just need someone to ask you the right questions.

Read on to discover my tried and tested process to create a content blueprint that lasts.


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Join me as I guide you through the same streamlined process I use with my 1:1 clients (but at a much lower price).

Before you invest another penny in things like graphic design, copywriting, social media support or a website, first take the time to figure out your brand foundations ➡️
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Brilliant Brand Foundations is a self-pace course where you will formulate and craft the foundations of your brand. This will result in a content blueprint to help you create engaging content so that you can market your business with unshakeable confidence.

This tried and tested process ensures you can go on to create engaging content that stands out, tells your story and explains your offer easily, attracting ideal customers every time you promote.

The beauty of this self-pace course is that you can benefit from my 20+ years of expertise and knowledge, helping you to attract the right people and more importantly, convert them through the power of a clear brand message and engaging content that talks directly to your ideal customer!

No more attracting the wrong type of customer!

The results speak for themselves…
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“I feel more confident and equipped to take actionable steps…
As a brand new start-up with nothing more than a nascent idea, Natalie’s brilliant programme has helped me to better understand both my business and my ideal client. She has gently talked me through my ‘blocks’ and fears and helped me to manage my expectations. I am now clearer and more excited about my business. With her guidance, I am more confident and equipped to take actionable steps towards building my brand and launching my business. I cannot recommend Natalie highly enough. Her passion, insight and experience along with her desire to keep her clients firmly in the driving seat of their business is proving invaluable in helping me to get mine off the ground.”


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“I’m feeling much more confident in expressing myself, thanks to you 😁”
Your program has really helped me to get clear on who I want to work with and where my energy can be best spent. I think it’s a platform that can be revisited for a review of my business focus and to re-centre if things go off-track. It’s helping me to get my social posts more focused and for my time to be put into the most productive areas. So your programme has helped me to develop a different mindset of my business not just being about me. It’s separate from me and I can look at it as a separate force or entity. I do think I’ll be needing more help along the line, because this is like a new language for me, but I’m feeling much more confident in expressing it, thanks to you. 😁


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“I’ve already brought more clients on board…
For a group programme it still felt very much tailored to me and my business goals. What stands out most is getting the clarity and direction. I’m not new to business but new to setting out what my business does and what services I offer. Now I feel as though I can start to approach new clients with a clear strategy for what I offer and why! Using Natalie’s knowledge and understanding brings such a clear and rounded way of looking at your business. Such a wealth of knowledge and a genuine want, I’ve brought more clients on board and feel I’m offering a professional, thought out programme.”


Ready to create a clear brand message to attract, promote and grow a loyal audience?

The 3 clearly defined steps

It is fine to have more than one customer type but you need to separate them out so that you can create the messaging and content that talks directly to them.

Using the power of storytelling we will hone in the hero of the story and position you as the expert to guide them achieve their transformation. Your ideal customer is only interested in what you can help them to achieve.

It is not enough to IDENTIFY your perfect customer, you need to really KNOW them…

That is because messaging and content needs to be personalised for it to stand out. Trying to be all things to all people simply won’t get you noticed by your ideal, perfect customer.

Inside module #1 you will discover:
the best way to separate your customers and profile them in detail so that you can create content that talks directly to them,
what your perfect customer is not telling you about why they are not buying your products / services,
the art to understanding what is holding them back so that you can easily reveal what they truly want.
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It is important to showcase your expertise and authenticity so that your perfect customer will know they are in safe hands.

Keeping with the power of story we will profile your back story which also has an important place.

But you need to go step further to really connect with them and show you understand and can empathise EXACTLY with where they are at…

That is because your business needs to create an emotional connection with your perfect customer to speak to their heart. After all people buy people so your back story matters.

Inside module #2 you will discover:
how to quickly and authentically connect with the right customer so that they will buy from you,
the truth behind how they haven’t succeeded until now,
the single most important factor to align their pain point with your expertise.
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It is vital to bring everything together to create consistency and a compelling message that will be understood by all of your customer types.

Core messaging is how we do this but it is important that whatever your message and content, it needs to stand apart from anything else because you have competition!

This is because your message and all of your content needs to be seen, heard, understoodand memorable so that you stand out for the right reasons!!!

Inside module #3 you will discover:
the principles to bring your message together so that it talks to all your customer types,
the ultimate way to personify your business so that it captivates their attention easily and quickly,
the practical tips to writing GREAT content with your unique message at the heart of everything.

You are also going to get access to
But it doesn’t end there.

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Irresistible bonuses!
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Personalised 1:1 with me!
To tailor your learning to your business with personalised feedback and clear next steps for you to take in creating compelling content, benefit from a bonus 1:1 hour with me!!!

And to ensure we get the most out of the session you can complete a questionnaire beforehand.

Value £197

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Foundations to SEO Success Course
This self page course teaches you about SEO basics and leads you through:

✅ The tech areas of SEO (security, analytics and website performance).

✅ The behind the scenes content and your user experience. All to help you write better for SEO and set your website up for SEO success.

✅ How to structure your website and content so that you set it up for SEO success.

This is currently the only way you can access this course. I don’t sell it stand alone because you need your brand foundations figured out first.

But it gives me great pleasure to be able share this with you as part of your investment in Brilliant Brand Foundations.

Available to all who purchase before 11.59pm UK time Tuesday 30 November 2021

Value £497

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Fast track your success
Don’t have time to work through the course over 6 weeks? No problem I can help you to hit the ground running and get your brand foundations nailed quickly.

The pièce de résistance is:

an intensive 1:1 session with me

Followed by 3 half hour 1:1 sessions, and

to receive more tailored support .

This includes I can offer you a special VIP upgrade where you can access me via slack/whatsapp messaging PLUS 3 additional 1 hour (or 6 half hour) 1:1 sessions.

Fast track your success
Don’t have time to work through the course on your own? No problem I can help you to hit the ground running and get your brand foundations nailed more quickly.

The piece de resistance is:

An intensive 1:1 session with me.

Followed by 3 half hour 1:1 sessions.

This includes direct access to me via whatsapp messaging over a month.

Unlike a course you attend once, with Brilliant Brand Foundations you will receive all of the course materials, videos and teachings to access at any time in the future. This is an investment that keeps on giving because you can step back and access the programme as often as you need. Your business will constantly be evolving and this toolkit will be here to dip into whenever you need to update your content blueprint.

Ready to access all these benefits?
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“Everything just fits, because the time was taken to get the foundations right…

…Natalie is just so lovely, she will work to understand you, what you want to achieve and how you want things to look. I am so happy with website, my branding and the support I receive I really feel everything just fits, because the time was taken to get the foundations right.The end result of everything just feels so right. And Natalie’s experience, support and creative side hugely helped me achieve things I couldn’t by myself. Professional and friendly, but also incredibly knowledgable”

Are you ready to take your buiness to the next level with a powerful message and content?
You could appoint a creative agency to take on all of this for you and whilst this would speed things up it would come at a HIGH PRICE.


You could work it out for yourself through blogs, podcasts and other online resources to piece everything together which would take lots of your VALUABLE TIME.

But there is another way…

Stay in control, work at your pace AND be supported by an expert

Choose your experience of my self-pace course with weekly coaching with other members.
One Payment

Two Payments

One Payment

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Hello, I’m Natalie
I’ve been where you are and I have learned the hard way so many times in business. But with my knowledge and expertise spanning two decades, I am here to help and empower you to not make the same mistakes! Let me guide by asking the right questions so you can set your foundations with ease and fast track your inevitable success.


When creating websites I saw first hand the huge struggle businesses faced when trying to get their content together. They are not copywriters or marketers and they needed help! So, I created a streamlined process to gather this for them, to not cause them too much additional work yet enabling me to get their website completed swiftly.


Working one business at a time has allowed me to hone this process. But I want to help multiple businesses at a time and without cloning myself I created Master Your Message group programme.

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I am on a mission to empower new and existing businesses to create their message and approach branding a business without investing loads of money up front.

At this affordable rate I can help more people access my knowledge and expertise who may not have been able to work with me privately. And by being setup properly, myself and my team can go on to help you with branding, copywriting, website and more! So this is just the start!



Here are some frequently asked questions
What date does the programme start and finish?
As soon as you sign up you receive the modules drip fed over three weeks to work through at your pace. We will have a weekly (Wednesday) coaching session. Then you will need to book your 1:1 session on week 4 to bring it all together.

What if I can’t do all the work within the three weeks?
Whilst there is a lot of depth to the programme, I have designed it to help you keep momentum. I will be on hand to answer questions to keep things streamlined and to not hold you up. But this is a self-pace course to keep forever.

Will you be able to support me after the three weeks?
Absolutely, I would love to be able to guide you to the next steps you will need to take and our 1:1 will reveal what that looks like. I have follow-on offers aimed to help set up your brand identity and writing your website copy. I offer ongoing 1:1 support as well but first things first, this course will ensure whatever your next steps are you have a clear message and a content blueprint to support you.

I have already worked through some of this before; what is the point in repeating?
That’s a good question. But with these changing times, the fact you have found yourself on this page shows that perhaps something isn’t working. What has been evident is this process is powerful and it is worth letting it guide you so you are not assuming anything.

How long will each module take?
How long is a piece of string! Everyone learns at a different pace and so it is hard to quantify. But I have broken the modules into bite sized chunks so that it doesn’t become overwhelming. If you can try and focus on one module each week that will be a good pace to ensure you give yourself time to digest everything but also have the input from other students and myself. All you need to know is that I am here to guide you.

I’m not sure if I can do the work and attend the group coaching during a week
No problem, this has been designed so there is an element of self-pace. I hold the group coaching on a Wednesday which will be recorded. But ideally I would ask that for accountability you try to attend the group sessions – they are so powerful.

Do I need to be able to write copy?
Absolutely not! Writing copy needs a framework and lots of practise! If you get your message right, your copy will follow and you can still always work with a professional if you really want to. I am passionate about empowering you to know and understand the framework first. But I also have a sneaky suspicion I can make a writer. out of you later down the line.

Will I have a polished message at the end?
It all depends, but you will have clarity and if it doesn’t feel “polished” remember that it takes time to practise writing and refining your content. But you will be armed with the process and framework and be starting at the exact right place; after all you have to start somewhere! Plus your Content Blueprint will be your bible!

What can I expect when I sign up?
As soon as you sign up you will receive an email access to Module 1. The other modules will be drip fed over the following weeks. You will have lifetime access to all of the teachings and will benefit from the updates I do. In other words, the more I polish and hone the course, the more you will benefit. After all this is not something you will look at once, you will want to revisit it every so often.

If I don’t like the programme, can I get a refund?
Yes, if you have worked through the modules and attended the group coaching calls but feel it has not worked for you I will give you your money back. However, I know this process works and so as long as you put the work in and take advantage of the bonus and expert time with me you will make progress. Also I really want you to succeed and with my guidance and accountability you will be armed with everything you need to master your message.

Isn’t this just ‘branding’?
Well yes a part of what we are doing is branding but that is in module 3, often businesses do not do the foundational work to get the most out of the brand phase. I cannot emphasise enough how important setting the core foundations are to a successful business and that if you try to cheat the system and jump ahead you will miss crucial steps that will make your future self much happier and more successful!

What is the Content Blueprint?
The Content Blueprint is the output from this programme. It will include all of your hard work and findings which you can then feed into other areas of our business. It will allow you to create your brand identity more easily and it will ensure you can easily brief professionals and give them a clear direction of what you need support with.

What if I still have questions?
No problem! Simply reach out to me at and I will be happy to help you.

No questions! I’m ready for this!
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This is the missing link you have been waiting for. Don’t delay, work through brilliant brand foundations so that you can craft a clear message! and create your content blueprint.

Choose your experience…
One Payment

Two Payments

One Payment

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Join me as I guide you through the same process I use with my 1:1 clients (at a much lower price).
Lay the right foundations for your business and marketing; save time, money and energy by being on the right road from the start…

This is all possible
It is time to stop feeling:
Overwhelmed and stuck with what to do next.

You can’t speak up and talk about your business confidently.

Unclear on how to position your business in all of your marketing.

You are ready for more:
Perfect clients who are a joy to work with,

Clarity on the direction you want your business to go in,

Confidence in doing a pitch at a networking event.

Passion in your belly!

In this 3 part training workshop I will show you how to discover and lay the core foundations for your business. This will give you clarity and direction to be able to get on and market your business properly.

This process will help you to create content that stands out, tells your story and explains your business and offer easily.

You are not in a position to spend loads of money but you want to harness the knowledge of an expert who has been where you are.

A reminder of what is on the inside of the
Group Foundation Workshop:
3 hours of jam packed learning separated into bite sized, easy to digest chunks:

Module 1: Monday
Module 2: Wednesday
Module 3: Friday

Designed to keep momentum and accountability as we work through the modules together.

To avoid overwhelm, a day off in between, to digest the teaching and complete the workbook to capture your findings:

Homework: Tuesday

Homework: Thursday

A workbook for each module to work on (ideally) before the next module.

Support while you are learning
There will be a Q&A after each module. Use this time to ask questions that arise after:

each training module

each homework session

1:1 with me

A short checklist to complete to consolidate where you are at by the end of the week and for us to use as part of the 1:1 with me.

A clear plan of action to work on with key next steps.

To keep momentum I recommend the 30 minute 1:1 session with me is booked the following week (after the workshop finishes).

Also included:
You will receive a workbook for each module, so you can start implementing what I teach. To get the results you desire will come from putting the work in.

1:1 Session
A survey to capture your goals ahead of our all important 1:1. A chance to book your slot as soon as you have joined.

Lifetime Access
Lifetime access to the training recordings and the important Q&A sessions at the end.

“Thanks for the workshop. I found the process very helpful, informative and worth doing. I’m really pleased with the branding and the website looks great; so nice to see it come to life!”

Reece Unwin
Aaran Bespoke

“I am happy to say that after a three hour workshop with Natalie and her colleagues our minds were put at ease. This early stage meeting and the attention to detail that Engaging Content paid to us and our business was fantastic.”

Michael Weedon
Aperture Designed Furniture

“Working with Natalie and Vicky was great. I highly recommend the Foundation Workshop!”

Mark Garton
Voga Interiors

I am offering a FREE 30 minute 1:1 session where we can review all of your hard work and I can give you guidance and direction on the next best steps to take.
Is it right for me? A checklist
This course is for you if:
You are a teacher, a service provider, a consultant, a coach or a small service business.

You are committed to your business want to take it to the next level.

You want to learn about how to stand out from your competitors, and find the perfect customers you would actually enjoy working with.

You want to stop trying to figure it all out on your own.

You want to take action, and stop putting off something you know you need.

You want to align everything to make sure the right people see your offers, blogs and social content so that it speaks directly to them.

You have a small team and would be happy for one of them to train up for yourself.

This course is not for you if:
You are looking for a quick fix and want the work done for you.

You are not willing to put the work in after the module lessons.

You would prefer to work it out on your own, even though it will take longer.

You are quite happy to work with a wide variety of clients.

You don’t see the point of setting foundations to make your business stable and secure.

You don’t mind your business not having consistency in all aspects.

You don’t take your business seriously and just do the bare minimum of what is necessary.

About Natalie
I’ve been where you are and I have learned the hard way so many times in business. But with my knowledge and expertise spanning two decades, I am ready to help you not make the same mistakes!

With my guidance you can set your foundations for your new business or to consolidate your existing business with ease so as to fast track your inevitable success.

One-off payment

Affordable / flexible pricing
I am passionate about making my services flexible and affordable to help spread the cost:

Two payments of £157 spread over two months

Three payments of £107 spread over 3 months

Six payments of £57 spread over 6 months

Frequently Asked Questions
Does the workshop time have to be 12 noon?
I have been asked this a lot! I was trying to accommodate people who are still in employment, but who could do the workshop as part of a lunchbreak.

However if this is a problem I will do a poll on the inside to find out the best time for everyone.

What if I can’t make the live training?
That’s OK I will be recording everything and will email it as soon as the training is finished. Ideally it would be best to attend live so that you get to ask questions for me to answer.

What date does the workshop start and finish?
The workshop will start on Monday 30th November and end on Friday 4th December 2020.

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