brand, messaging and persona workshop

get to know your brand, core messages and who your ideal customers are

brand research workshops

what are they?

Before any work can begin, we’ll hold a brand research workshop to learn about your company and your customers. We’ll run a brand workshop and a customer persona workshop with you to pull out all of the most important information about your brand and your audience.

why do i need this?

This helps us to make sure any content we produce hits the mark every time. Running these workshops means that our content usually requires very little editing before our clients are happy. This is because we are working from the strong foundations that we build with you.

core messaging

what is it?

The first part of the workshop will focus on brand messaging. This pulls out all of the most important information about your company, and your services or products. We’ll ask about your values, ethos, personality and story.

why do i need this?

Of course we want to shout about what you do in our content. But your customers are often just as interested in why you do what you do. We find all of the interesting, unique and valuable things about you that will resonate with your customers. Our clients always leave this workshop feeling excited and inspired. They always gain more clarity about themselves and their brands that they often had not previously considered.

customer personas

what is it?

The second part of the workshop will be used to create your customer personas. Together, we’ll profile your ideal customers and really get to grips with their needs, frustrations, goals, digital habits and buying behaviours.

why do i need this?

Customer persona workshops help us to make sure that any content we create is aimed at your ideal customer. We don’t just put any content onto your website, blog, or digital channels. We make sure everything we write and create is specifically tailored to your dream customers, their interests, and their needs. This makes every single piece of content we create for a sales tool that is more likely to convert.

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