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Keyword research

Thorough keyword research presented to you in an easy-to-understand format. Used to find ideal keywords for content pieces, marketing materials, web pages, and social media. 

Why do I need this?

Without keyword research, how do you know that the content you produce is using the words your customers are using (both in search engines and in person.) We find the right keywords; the ones that your customers are using and the ones that your competitors aren’t! 


seo articles

Technical or blog-ready articles based on comprehensive keyword research. Used to help your company appear in more Google searches and increase your search engine rankings.

Why do I need this?

SEO articles help you to spread your influence across the web. You need more than just a website to rank well in Google. You need on-going optimised content based on keyword research to improve your ranking and drive people to your site.

on-page seo

We optimise your website for SEO. Using thorough keyword research, we find the best keywords for your site – the ones that tell your customers and search engines what you do. We find the most competitive keywords to help your site get ahead of the competition.

We also ensure your site is easy to use, unique, engaging and functional – all important aspects of SEO!

Why do I need this?

You’d be surprised how much you can increase your site’s search engine ranking just by using the right keywords! 

on-going tracking

With all of our SEO projects, we use on-going tracking and measuring to check whether your search engine rankings are improving.

Why do I need this?

SEO is a gradual, long-term process. Tracking search engine results for each blog post or website page helps to ensure that progress is being made.

SEO is also iterative. That means we learn as we go! If one strategy isn’t working as well as we’d hoped, we can switch it up, change it, or adapt it to get you the best results.

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